Frontline General Security Guard Services is a licensed establishment that provides protection & man guarding services to high-profile businesses and clients across the United Arab Emirates.

The L.L.C. is highly qualified in accommodating tailored security solutions for all events, clients & organizations in all industries from F&B and retail.

Over the last twelve years, Frontline General Security Guard Services has recruited experienced, licensed & trained security professionals in the region.

We believe that our security guards are an extension of your company, and as such, you can always expect professional conduct and the highest standards of presentation.







Our mission is to provide outstanding protection, safety and security to our clients through our tailored services. Our top priority is to ensure the protection of our client’s premises, staff, assets & the general public.

We are dedicated to improving the services we deliver to our clients on a continuous basis.

We seek to fulfill all our goals and exceed our client’ s expectations by investing in our most valuable asset; our people.

Our aim is to win our client’s trust by providing the highest quality safety & security services in the United Arab Emirates, while expanding Frontline General Security Guard Services to more GCC countries across the region.

We value transparency, integrity, professionalism and mutual respect above all else as a corporation and as individuals. We hold ourselves accountable to our clients, employees and partners by keeping our promises, delivering outcomes and aiming to provide the finest security services possible.