In 2010, Frontline was initially established under the name of AMZ Group. The purpose of the organization was to address the issue of quality security and man guarding. During that time, the increasing demand for our services resulted in a huge expansion of our clientele, their affiliates & their growing business establishments. Twelve years later, we established the second member of the group in the United Arab Emirates, currently known as Frontline General Security Services L.L.C

We are dedicated to improving the services we deliver to our clients on a continuous basis.
Our mission is to provide outstanding protection, safety and security to our clients.
We value transparency, integrity, professionalism, and mutual respect above all else.


Frontline General Security Guard Services provides personnel, who work closely with the client’s management team on crime prevention, detection and training programs. Our highly trained personnel are all vetted and are of good character.
Professional Security Services | Security Service Provider Dubai


Security Service Company UAE | Professional Security Services


Security Service Company UAE | Security Service Provider Dubai


Professional Security Services in UAE

When it comes to security, leave no room for compromise. Our company is committed to providing comprehensive security services that meet the highest standards in the industry. Each client has unique requirements, so we offer solutions to address their specific concerns and provide the best solution they require.

As a trusted security service company UAE, Frontline provides highly trained and experienced security professionals dedicated to your safety. Our personnel undergoes rigorous training programs to enhance their skills in threat assessment, access control, and emergency response surveillance. We take pride in delivering the best quality guards for your protection.

Choose the Best Security Service Company in the UAE

Whether you need security services for your corporate office, residence, complex, retail establishment, or event venue, we have you covered. Our expertise extends to various sectors, including commercial, industrial, and more. We work closely with our clients to understand their unique security challenges and develop customized strategies to mitigate risks effectively. We prioritize professionalism, integrity, and customer satisfaction.

Our team takes a proactive approach to identify potential vulnerabilities and implement robust security measures to prevent incidents before they occur. In case of emergencies or security breaches, our well-trained personnel responds swiftly and efficiently, minimizing any potential harm. We strive to build long-term relationships with our clients based on trust, transparency, and excellence in service delivery.

Protecting What Matters Most to You

Partner up with a reliable security service provider in Dubai that is dedicated to protecting what matters most to you and maintaining a sense of safety at your gatherings.

Contact us to discuss your requirements and explore how we can help you create a safer environment for your business or residential premises. Embrace the top security standards with our professional security services in the UAE.

Protecting What Matters

Never compromise on your security needs. Stay One Step Ahead of Threats

General FAQ

Why should I hire a security service company in the UAE?

Hiring a trusted security service helps in ensuring the safety and comfort of the client. It offers several benefits which involve ensuring the safety and protection of assets, civilians, and much more. Our company specializes in providing professional security services to individuals, businesses, and institutions including physical security, surveillance, threat assessment, emergency response, and even more.

What makes a security service provider professional?

A professional security service provider in the UAE is characterized by its experience and commitment to excellence. They employ highly trained and skilled security agents who undergo rigorous training programs to ensure their proficiency in various security protocols. Professional security service providers also prioritize customer satisfaction, adhere to ethical standards, and utilize advanced technologies to enhance their services.

What types of professional security services are offered?

Professional security service companies in the UAE offer a range of services tailored to meet diverse needs. These may include but are not limited to manned guarding, access control systems, surveillance and monitoring, alarm systems, risk assessment, event security, executive protection, consultancy services, and security audits.

How can a security service provider in Dubai help my business?

A security service provider in Dubai can help protect your business from potential threats, theft, vandalism, and other security breaches. They can conduct comprehensive risk assessments, design and implement security systems and protocols, provide trained security personnel, and monitor and respond to security incidents promptly. By doing so, they create a secure environment that allows your business to operate smoothly and safeguards your assets, employees, and customers.

What industries can benefit from professional security services in the UAE?

Professional security services in the UAE cater to a wide range of industries, including commercial, industrial, hospitality, residential, retail, and events. Regardless of your sector, a security service company can customize security solutions to meet your specific needs and industry regulations.

How can I contact Frontline security service providers in Dubai?

You can contact us via phone number and email address. Additionally, you can reach out to us through our social media channels or visit our physical office for a face-to-face discussion for detailed information.